Grid is running smoothly again

After the weekend long hiatus, we are very happy to announce, all Avinations servers are running smoothly again.

We’re very sorry for inconvenience caused by our hosting provider.

October 6, 2015 11:46 am at 11:46 AM 1 comment

And again…

Hello dear Residents,

unfortunately our hoster is doing unscheduled maintances again. Their support states issues will be fixed by Sunday Oct. 4, 19:00 MEST, which is 18:00 BST or 9am PDT.
We’re trying to minimize the issues and do our best to keep the grid running smoothly during this time.

Several regions will remain unreachable because the server they’re on is not available until the works are complete. Unfortunately, this also includes both our Welcome region and the roleplay welcome region. We have switched the landing region to Alpha Welcome for the time being.

Many of you may have seen issues regarding the loading of prims or attachments. This is caused by bad name information that was given out by our ISP’s servers. We have switched our servers to use Google DNS for now. Any remaining issues in world should clear up shortly.

October 3, 2015 9:58 am at 9:58 AM 2 comments

Mortimer, we’re back!

Well, it took a bit, but the technicians at the datacenter did their best and get our servers back online just 10 minutes ago.

We’re happy to inform you, your favourite grid is back up and running.

September 29, 2015 6:41 pm at 6:41 PM 1 comment

Unscheduled maintenance at our hosters datacenter

Dear Residents,

we’re sorry having to inform you about an unscheduled maintenance at our hosters datacenter. Serveral Servers are currently not reachable via network.

Technicians are working as fast as they can to get everything back online.

We will keep you informed.

September 29, 2015 1:53 pm at 1:53 PM 1 comment

Avination donates server code to OpenSim

Avination, one of the few grids actively supporting OpenSimulator development donated its server software code to OpenSimulator Core.

Avination with its equally named grid has been known as one of the few commercial companies actively supporting OpenSource projects. With Avination’s lively development the company regularly donates to the OpenSimulator project.

Just days after the grid’s fifth anniversary, on the evening of Sunday September 12, Avination donated all improvements made to OpenSim in the past years to the OpenSimulator project and checked this code into OpenSim’s GIT repository.

This code not only includes Avination’s current server code, but also it’s previously proprietary physics engine ‘ubOde’.

In the course of the past six months, this code has been adapted to work with OpenSimulator Core and cleaned up for integration. It is now available in the OpenSimulator Git repository.

The code has been successfully run on OSGrid.

Improvements include vehicle region crossing, which is supported since early 2012. The ferry between Avination’s Welcome island and Welcome West has been running successfully since then, transporting as many as 12 people at one time across sim borders.

The physics engine ‘ubOde’ makes physics nearly 100% compatible with SL.Unscripted_Sit
Yet the most notably feature here is the unscripted sit on objects with appropriate surfaces. A feature I really miss when I’m visiting other grids.

Parcel Privacy along with working Parcel Banning has been donated too to OpemSimulator. Those features allow to indulging unseen in various activities on your own parcel and also banning obnoxious people from the premises should need arise.

Avination will continue to assist with further integrating this code into OpenSim core.
This move was made in order to promote development of free and open source simulation software and helping OpenSimulator to become the Apache server of virtual worlds.

September 15, 2015 4:35 pm at 4:35 PM 1 comment

One server under unscheduled maintenance after double disk failure

Currently we are working to recover data from a damaged hard drive on one of our servers. Although we have backups of all sims and servers, restoring from such a backup would necessarily be a “jump back in time” to the previous day.

We believe that the state of scripts on the affected regions is important, therefore we have been working on recovering this crucial data from the bad drive since last night.

Because of the nature of the defect, reading data from the drive is extremely slow. We are working hard to preserve all data from the downed server and will have the server replaced as soon as we have all data off it.

Further updates will be posted here.


Update #1: Backup of the important data has finally completed and we have asked the data center to replace the server hardware.

Update #2: The data center staff has removed the server from service and are replacing it now.

Update #3: The server has been replaced and is now coming up.

Update #4: All regions are up again. Affected region owners will be compensated for two days tier.

June 29, 2015 12:28 pm at 12:28 PM 1 comment

Do not use Virwox Exchange – Cashout-Limits lowered

Dear Residents,

Please do not use Virwox for trading newC$.

Several of our customers reported that Virwox is taking money from our customers and not delivering the corresponding amount of newC$ to their Avination Accounts.

Those of you who have paid Virwox to aquire Avination currency and have not received it, will need to contact VirWox to demand reimbursement.

It has further come to our attention that Virwox buys C$ at extortionate rates. We do not condone such blatantly profiteering behaviour and strongly discourage selling C$ to Virwox at these rates.

We are very sorry for this inconvenience.

Avination also lowered the minimum cashout limit from 4000 C$ to 2000 C$. The minimum avatar age for cashouts has been lowered to 2 days. Cashouts will typically take only hours if there is no suspicion of fraudulent activities.

May 15, 2015 5:13 pm at 5:13 PM 5 comments

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